The DODOcase is a Nexus 7 cover that is well made, protective and downright classy. It would be at home alongside any leather bound books as that's essentially what your Nexus 7 will look like once it's stuck in. It is quite literally stuck in, at first you open the case and it looks like your beloved tablet is going to be held in with double sided tape, but after peeling away the paper a surprisingly tacky adhesive is revealed that holds in the Nexus in literally any condition. This has a number of advantages over cases which hold the device in by surrounding it on all sides; Firstly all the ports are accessible and it looks much nicer.
"It would be at home alongside any leather bound book"
The adhesive holding in the tablet is reusable and doesn't leave any residue on the back of the Nexus which is a plus. The DODOcase makes use of the Nexus' sleep function where opening the case up automatically wakes up the device and the screen comes on without a single button being pressed. The hard leather casing ensures the tablet is protected and the screen in particular is very well protected.

It's surprising considering the case covers the Nexus's speaker that the sound produced from it seems just as good (or bad depending on your opinion of the speaker) and even balances some of those ear knifing high pitch tinny sounds that come from it.

Using the band used to hold closed the case you can also put the tablet into a landscape viewing mode by bending the front cover backwards wrapping the band around it. I found the angle a little too steep for close up table use which may not be suitable for commuters but for a normal table the screen is held at a perfect angle for movie watching and emailing by the DODOcase.

"you can also put the tablet into a landscape viewing mode by bending the front cover backwards"
The HARDcover's claim to fame is it's "Handmade in a San Francisco bookbindery by true craftsmen" which makes it all the more luxurious.

The only gripe I had with the DODO is a peculiar creaking noise which occurred in the first week or so of use when opening and closing the cover. However it doesn't seem to be a defect and once the hinge was broken in all seemed fine.

For £24.95 at MobileFun this is a premium case, however it certainly looks and feels like it is worth every penny.  
MightyText is available to anyone with an Android phone/tablet and a computer. It took me about a minute or two to follow the easy to understand instructions before I was sending texts from my PC.

It's a lot more seamless than other SMS from PC services with no silly plugins, downloads or software installations, which I definitely like. It works pretty much perfectly, texts appear the instant my phone receives them and there's no delay in sending texts either. Picture messages are even supported. All in all a brilliant app at the brilliant price of free.
"[There's] no silly plugins, downloads or software installations"

With two towers, up to three fans and seven heat pipes, we're expecting great things from Gelid's The Black Edition CPU Cooler. 

We'll be pitting the cooler against the similarly priced water cooling kits from Antec as well as Gelid's own GX-7 and of course the stock coolers included with our processors.

Whilst we're testing, in the meantime you can watch the video above for a closer look at The Black Edition.
Here's your dose of Crysis gameplay for today. This multiplayer gameplay shows the 'Hunter' mode, an interesting deviation from the standard team deathmatch style game. The Hunter team is invisible and uses the hunting bow as their weapon whereas the the CELL operatives use guns which have an immensely high rate of fire, we're talking hundreds of rounds per second! The catch, they're completely visible to everyone.
"CELL operatives use guns which have an immensely high rate of fire, we're talking hundreds of rounds per second!"
Despite the new game mode, much of the Crysis 2 look and feel is retained in the third game's menus, HUD and graphics. Graphics settings have more options than before, especially in the Anti-Aliasing department and although graphics aren't drastically or technically much better than the previous game the overgrown jungle-cities allow the game engine to really shine and graphics to look their best compared to the fairly boring New York landscape of Crysis 2 which I feel didn't give CryEngine 3 a real challenge.
"the overgrown jungle-cities allow the game engine to really shine"

Crysis 3 is shaping up to be a highly anticipated game and Crytek, the developers of the game have promised that the third installment in the series will have the potential to melt PCs which will no doubt be exciting the waves of PC gamers who were let down by Crysis 2 not releasing with PC optimisations. 

To find out for sure, we'll be posting some of Crysis 3's Beta gameplay tonight with our own verdict on not only it's computer melting claims but the gameplay as well. So keep an eye on the page and be sure to grab the Crysis 3 Beta off of Origin if you're willing to risk it!
Comfort is where the Hive's excel, there's ample padding on both ear cups making it soft on the ears and although there isn't padding (just faux leather) on the headband it remains comfy due to a relatively low clamping pressure.

Sound isn't the strongest feature of the Hive's, although packing a healthy amount of bass it's immediately noticeable how lacking the clarity is if you're used to in ears around the same price, highs and mids suffer from a lack of detail and clarity making only bass-centric music enjoyable. However if you aren't too worried about awesome sound quality and would prefer portability and convenience the Avantree Hive headset isn't a bad choice 
The Avantree Hive is a pair of headphones which can work completely wirelessly with any Bluetooth device, whether that's a phone, laptop, tablet or whatever, if it's got bluetooth it'll work just fine. Pairing the Hive to a phone is easy, turn the headphones on and then press the Play/Pause button on the left cup for 7 seconds and the device will be visible to the phone and from the phone you simply tap on the Avantree and type in 0000 and you're done.

"Pairing the Hive to a phone is easy"

Get Headphones at MobileFun

Happy New Year! It's back to work for most now and back to school next week with a lot of students (myself included) preparing for A level exams, good luck! 

Hopefully you still have time to check the site and channel to keep up to date with the happenings at Gadget First. Here's a guide to help you know what's coming up on the site this January. 

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