Comfort is where the Hive's excel, there's ample padding on both ear cups making it soft on the ears and although there isn't padding (just faux leather) on the headband it remains comfy due to a relatively low clamping pressure.

Sound isn't the strongest feature of the Hive's, although packing a healthy amount of bass it's immediately noticeable how lacking the clarity is if you're used to in ears around the same price, highs and mids suffer from a lack of detail and clarity making only bass-centric music enjoyable. However if you aren't too worried about awesome sound quality and would prefer portability and convenience the Avantree Hive headset isn't a bad choice 
The Avantree Hive is a pair of headphones which can work completely wirelessly with any Bluetooth device, whether that's a phone, laptop, tablet or whatever, if it's got bluetooth it'll work just fine. Pairing the Hive to a phone is easy, turn the headphones on and then press the Play/Pause button on the left cup for 7 seconds and the device will be visible to the phone and from the phone you simply tap on the Avantree and type in 0000 and you're done.

"Pairing the Hive to a phone is easy"

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