Part on of the Gadget Christmas Guide focuses on computer components. Here's our top 5 pick.

Up to £30

Kingston HyperX Predator

It looks awesome, especially if you have a blue and black theme inside your case and the huge heatsink means that it stays cool despite running at a blistering 1866MHz
Best Deal £27.99 @


Logitech MX Performance

The most comfortable mouse I've ever used. It works on pretty much any surface including glass, buttons are perfectly placed and it can be as sensitive as you want.
Best Deal £49.99 @ Amazon


Corsair H100i

Quite simply one of the best closed loop water coolers on the market right now. It takes up two fan spaces and requires a roomy case but if you've got one it's the best choice.
Best Deal £87.99 @


RayStorm 750 RS240 

If you're looking for a bit more water cooling power and can invest more money and time into maintaining it this kit is perfect.
Best Deal £139.99 @ WatercoolingUK


Antec HCP 1000 Platinum

You don't get more efficient power supplies. 80+ Platinum is the absolute best credit a desktop power supply can have, high end power supplies' feature over 80% efficiency, the HCP 1000 Platinum is 94% efficient meaning you can overclock higher than previously, save on energy bills and ensure your PC parts last longer.
Best Deal £185 @ Ebuyer 

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