In the second part of the Gadget Christmas guide we'll be showcasing the best phones at different price ranges that you can get for Christmas. Whether you're wanting Sim Free or a contract, high end or affordable we'll help you find the perfect phone.

Best High End Phones

LG Nexus 4

This phone is probably the most powerful out there in terms of it's internals but it also comes with Android 4.2 which really brings it up and beyond the ease of use, speed and usability of iOS. Google now boasts a range of 675,000 apps, which is just shy of Apple's 700,000 but it is closing in quickly and Google seems to have the edge on software for the first time. The Photo Sphere capability allows you to create Google Street View-like photos in a swoop of the camera. It lacks 4G LTE but considering 4G wont be relevant to everyone for another 2-3 years it's not a deal breaker like it is in America.

SIM Free - From £239
Free on contract from - £26pm

Apple iPhone 5

Runner Up
The iPhone 5 has a slightly bigger screen than it's predecessor, and is slightly thinner and lighter. It's not a huge upgrade from the 4S unless you're in one of the few places that currently has 4G connectivity. The screen isn't wider, but taller which allows for another row of apps on your home screen and more information in apps. The Lightning connector is an odd-ball, providing no real advantage over the 30 pin and rendering accesories incompatible. It's a great phone however in terms of price and real improvements it's bested by the Nexus 4.

SIM Free - From £529
Free on contract from - £36pm

Best Mid Range Phones

Motorola RAZRi

Motorola's best phone by far. It excels with an Intel Atom processor, the first of its kind in mobile phones. The phone can be taken out of your pocket and be ready to take photos in under a second. The screen is almost edge to edge which means you get a large 4.3" screen inside a small frame, and that screen looks brilliant. Colours are vibrant with photos and videos looking crisp, sharp and motion being smooth. Unfortunately the screen is qHD instead of the 720p we seen on more expensive phones, however it remains the best mid-range phone and at a good price. One of the best all-rounders this year.

SIM Free - From £319
Free on Contract from -  £18.50pm

Sony Xperia S

Runner Up

The Sony Xperia S features many high end features, such as a 720p screen, 12 megapixel camera and 1GB of RAM but now has a fairly low cost. With an upgrade to Android 4.1 just round the corner it's set to become an even better deal. The camera is one of the best we've seen on phones and the display shows every photo and video in the finest of detail with rich, realistic colours. So you're probably wondering why this phone is the runner up to a seamingly worse RAZRi? Well it's down to the design. It certainly looks nice but personally I find the phone too thick, combined with the large screen size it makes it uncomfortable to use.

SIM Free - From £284
Free on Contract from - £15.50

Best Budget Phones

HTC Desire X

The Desire X tries to be bigger than it should be and it does it well. At this price we expect little 3.2 and 3.5" phones, the Desire X has a 4" WVGA display which is pretty clear and vibrant for the price, it's not quite as crisp as the Xperia U but the size makes up for it. Expect snappy, fast performance from the dual core processor, a true luxury at this price point, apps, games, videos and photos will all load faster because of it. The HTC has the same 4GB of storage as the Xperia U but this can be bolstered with a microSD card unlike the U. The only let down is it's fairly low quality plastic body, but it's not too shabby.

SIM Free - From £218
Free on Contract from - £13.50pm

Sony Xperia U

The baby brother of the Xperia S. The Xperia U is truly brilliant for it's price; It's snappy, good looking and the screen looks particularly nice. However it can't quite match the HTC Desire X because of it's meager 4GB storage space without a MicroSD card slot to expand it. This means after installing some apps and maybe adding some music there's not going to be much/any space for other stuff like photos and videos. It does however have a solid build quality that trumps the Desire X.

SIM Free - From £148
Free on Contract from - £12.50pm

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