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We show all the parts needed for a killer gaming PC for around £500
Stocking fillers are the focus today in the third part of the Gadget Christmas Guide.

Stocking Fillers Under £5

The Genie Head Massager

The perfect stocking filler, these things feel incredibly weird but so ridiculously awesome at the same time. Thoroughly recommended unless they're ticklish in which case they'll squirm and scream! 

£4.95 from PrezzyBox

Power-Up Hand Warmer

This hand warmer can radiate a nice heat for 30 minutes and then it can be re-used over and over again by submersing it in boiling water and then drying it off. And there's two in a pack!

£4.95 from PrezzyBox

Under £10

Self Stirring Mug

Great for a lazy friend or relative. Put in whatever beverage you want, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate (even soup) and with a press of a button it's all stirred and ready to slurp.

£8.95 from RED5

Smart Touch Glove

When you're outside in the cold, gloves are brilliant, until you need to use your phone. Smart Gloves keep your hands warm and also work with touchscreens!

£7.95 from PrezzyBox

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Yesterday at a live event held by Angelbird the Australian specialists 'o.v.e.r.clockers.at' managed to set a new record score with PCMark05. Their computer was powered by an Intel i7 3770K running at 6.404GHz cooled by liquid nitrogen which when tested gave an astounding score of 63.665 points. The Australian overclockers "swears by" Noctua's NT-H1 thermal compound for their extreme tweaking sessions as well as Noctua's DH14 CPU cooler for when they don't require the nitrogen.
"(an) i7 3770K running at 6.404GHz when tested gave an astounding score of 63.665 points."
See how close you are to the world record by Downloading PCMark05

'The first thing I noticed was the brushed Aluminium which gives the case a unique look'
The Antec P280 is certainly one of the best cases that I've used. Everything is of the best quality. There's enough sound proofing to ensure an extremely quiet computer, along with the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 I've been using it is essentially silent. The only sound I hear is when the graphics card is being stressed and I have no music or audio and even then it's almost unnoticeable and it's unlikely you'll be playing games with no sound!

Watch the full review above.
"You don't need to buy any fans to have a cool running system!"
"With some talent and skill you could make a work of art with the S-Pen"
In the second part of the Gadget Christmas guide we'll be showcasing the best phones at different price ranges that you can get for Christmas. Whether you're wanting Sim Free or a contract, high end or affordable we'll help you find the perfect phone.

Best High End Phones

LG Nexus 4

This phone is probably the most powerful out there in terms of it's internals but it also comes with Android 4.2 which really brings it up and beyond the ease of use, speed and usability of iOS. Google now boasts a range of 675,000 apps, which is just shy of Apple's 700,000 but it is closing in quickly and Google seems to have the edge on software for the first time. The Photo Sphere capability allows you to create Google Street View-like photos in a swoop of the camera. It lacks 4G LTE but considering 4G wont be relevant to everyone for another 2-3 years it's not a deal breaker like it is in America.

SIM Free - From £239
Free on contract from - £26pm

Apple iPhone 5

Runner Up
The iPhone 5 has a slightly bigger screen than it's predecessor, and is slightly thinner and lighter. It's not a huge upgrade from the 4S unless you're in one of the few places that currently has 4G connectivity. The screen isn't wider, but taller which allows for another row of apps on your home screen and more information in apps. The Lightning connector is an odd-ball, providing no real advantage over the 30 pin and rendering accesories incompatible. It's a great phone however in terms of price and real improvements it's bested by the Nexus 4.

SIM Free - From £529
Free on contract from - £36pm

This article will dig in depth as to whether closed loop water-coolers are worth the added cost compared to air coolers and we'll also review the Antec Kuhler H2O 920.

This is Antec's solution for everyone who want's the performance of water-cooling with a much lower price, essentially no maintenance and no complicated reservoirs and pumps which are often intimidating enough to put off people wanting to jump the air cooled ship.

The catch? Well, you're not going to be getting quite the same level of cooling performance as a water cooling system with an external reservoir and higher surface area radiators.

However, closed loop water-cooling kits such as the H2O 920 are less than half the price of 'proper' water-cooling and it'd be a stretch to think you'd get the same temperatures.   

"no maintenance and no complicated reservoirs and pumps"
Performance is more comparable to the best air coolers, we're talking about twin tower, twin fan behemoths here, so it's still strikingly good cooling considering the size of the unit.

The 920 features two fans in a push pull configuration with a thick radiator sandwiched between them ensuring the water gets cooled before cycling around to your CPU once again.

These 120mm fans on the Kuhler 920 are extremely quiet. The ChillControl software included allows you to monitor the liquid temperature as well as control the cooler's fans. In silent mode they are just that, only the faintest whisper is audible even when I put my ear 30cm away from the fans. Note that all the benchmarks on this page were with the Kuhler set to silent. There's also an 'Extreme' mode which puts the fan RPM to their max and makes sure the water pump is going as fast as possible, this is LOUD! It's louder than my games and can be heard outside the room with the door shut. Fortunately there's no need to ever use anything but 'Silent' mode.
Figure 1
"Performance is more comparable to the best air coolers"

Part on of the Gadget Christmas Guide focuses on computer components. Here's our top 5 pick.

Up to £30

Kingston HyperX Predator

It looks awesome, especially if you have a blue and black theme inside your case and the huge heatsink means that it stays cool despite running at a blistering 1866MHz
Best Deal £27.99 @ Dabs.com


Logitech MX Performance

The most comfortable mouse I've ever used. It works on pretty much any surface including glass, buttons are perfectly placed and it can be as sensitive as you want.
Best Deal £49.99 @ Amazon


Corsair H100i

Quite simply one of the best closed loop water coolers on the market right now. It takes up two fan spaces and requires a roomy case but if you've got one it's the best choice.
Best Deal £87.99 @ Dabs.com


RayStorm 750 RS240 

If you're looking for a bit more water cooling power and can invest more money and time into maintaining it this kit is perfect.
Best Deal £139.99 @ WatercoolingUK


Antec HCP 1000 Platinum

You don't get more efficient power supplies. 80+ Platinum is the absolute best credit a desktop power supply can have, high end power supplies' feature over 80% efficiency, the HCP 1000 Platinum is 94% efficient meaning you can overclock higher than previously, save on energy bills and ensure your PC parts last longer.
Best Deal £185 @ Ebuyer 
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