Stocking fillers are the focus today in the third part of the Gadget Christmas Guide.

Stocking Fillers Under £5

The Genie Head Massager

The perfect stocking filler, these things feel incredibly weird but so ridiculously awesome at the same time. Thoroughly recommended unless they're ticklish in which case they'll squirm and scream! 

£4.95 from PrezzyBox

Power-Up Hand Warmer

This hand warmer can radiate a nice heat for 30 minutes and then it can be re-used over and over again by submersing it in boiling water and then drying it off. And there's two in a pack!

£4.95 from PrezzyBox

Under £10

Self Stirring Mug

Great for a lazy friend or relative. Put in whatever beverage you want, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate (even soup) and with a press of a button it's all stirred and ready to slurp.

£8.95 from RED5

Smart Touch Glove

When you're outside in the cold, gloves are brilliant, until you need to use your phone. Smart Gloves keep your hands warm and also work with touchscreens!

£7.95 from PrezzyBox

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£10 - £20

Electric Paper Plane Kit

This set of a motor and propeller can be mounted onto almost any paper plane and can provide flight up to 30 seconds long. It also recharges in 20 seconds!

£11.64 at Amazon

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza

This kit comes with everything you need to make your own Gourmet Chocolate Pizza so you can personalise it for whoever is lucky enough to get it!

£12.95 at PrezzyBox

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